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Matt has been performing as a professional musician and singer for a few years with Columbus, Ohio based bands - some with local shows, others with extensive international tours.

Writing many songs along the way, Matt has been playing solo acoustic shows around Central Ohio, giving out CDs and networking with other artists. 
HIRE MATT to perform up to 4 hours at your venue or Event.
HIRE MATT to perform on your Demo.
HIRE MATT as a side man in your Band! There are over 300 songs to which he can expertly sing lead or harmony and play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass (and basic Keyboards, accordion & harmonica), but he can also learn your songs.

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Photo: Dan Mitchell

Listeners say Matt has an especially unique voice. And with the amount of performing Matt has endured lately, that voice has been getting stronger. Since the beginning of the year he has been singing weekly with the Autobahn Musik Band at Columbus, Ohio’s new Hofbräuhaus Restaurant. Folks say he’s one of maybe two people in the state who can sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” in a way that brings the crowd to standing on chairs yelling “Galileo” along with him.

Matt has completed a third album with the band The Self-Depricants listen or purchase at