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Matt Rees has performed over 1,200 live shows and written nearly 100 songs in his lifetime 
as a professional musician and singer with Columbus, Ohio based bands - some with local shows, others with international tours.

HEAR MATT'S music as the band The Self-Depricants.

HIRE MATT to perform at your venue or Event.

HIRE MATT as a side man in your Band
There are over 400 songs to which he can expertly sing lead or harmony and play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass (and basic Keyboards, accordion & harmonica), but he can also learn your own songs - in any genre. Matt has performed live shows in bands that play Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, Reggae, Metal, Punk, Blues, & Folk.

HIRE MATT for Session work. He's a fast learner, takes direction, and works for the betterment of the song. He can come to your studio or send you tracks recorded in his home studio, even help with tracking, mixing, and mastering.

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