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Come Home (Indie Folk) - The ground you see beneath your feet makes you wonder why you're standing here. You long to run. You long to see whatever world is far from here. But from home a voice rings clear. There's no way it's better on your own. You're not meant to be alone. Just turn around. Come home to the ones who know your soul. Stop and think what might have been. Look around and take it in. What you seek is right beneath your feet. Don't ever leave a life so sweet. Listen to my voice ring clear. So many things go wrong when people not that strong chase an elusive dream, never finding what they seek.

Endless (Indie Rock) - If I could just wake. Wake from this. In my sleep it's a whisper. In my dream it's a roar. Your face is elusive. Your form is a blur. I try to run to you. I'm always half way. When I wake you're further away. Vagueness with you. Your love is faithless with me. I'm nameless to you. This love is pointless for me. But I'm shameless, so I stay aimless, even if we're endless. I open up my heart for you to see all the layers deep within me, but your love is lukewarm. You don't know what I need. Your heart is cast in iron. You don't see you I bleed.

Hey Bartender (Country) - The more I run from being bad the more bad finds me. As if the best years of my life all seem behind me. When the sun begins to shine at the start of happier times Everything in my world falls apart around me.
So Hey Bartender give me a double double I’m gonna drown my sorrows ‘cause I’ve got double the trouble. Hey Bartender give me two beer chasers. I need double the chasing to chase these troubles away.
The more time that I spend picking up the pieces  Of a past that many say is far from clean The more broken parts I find. I’ve gotta wash them from my mind So tonight I’m drinking too much of everything
Hey Bartender . . . But as I chase away my trouble and stop caring about tomorrow I can’t help thinking drinking could be the cause of all my sorrow. But Hey Bartender . . .

Flood (Blues Rock) - Flood over me. Run over me. Break me with your love. Kill me with your love. I feed on your flood, no matter the form. I live on your love, no matter the harm. My love isn't free. You may have to bleed; bleed me all you want, but don't leave me alone, cause I feed on your flood, no matter the form. I live on your love, no matter the harm.

Photo: Dan Mitchell

Some of the many venues Matt has played:

The Tree Bar, Skully's, Stache’s, The Newport Music Hall, The Alrosa Villa, ComFest, Veterans Memorial, King Avenue 5, Woodland’s Tavern, Scarlet & Grey Cafe, Gatsby’s, Chelsea’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, 

The Grand Valley Dale Ballroom, Germain Amphitheater, Columbus Convention Center

Otterbein Rike Center, Andros Town-Bahamas, Botanical Gardens-Bermuda, Victory's, The Smiling Skull Saloon, Crown Sports Lounge, Old Bag of Nails Pub, The Dolphin Lounge

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